Рэйчел МакАдамс Якобы Беременна

Рэйчел МакАдамс Якобы Беременна Тара Ziemba — не WireImage / Getty Изображения

Congratulations to Rachel McAdams,who is reportedly pregnant with her first child…at least according to the «multiple sources» who told Е! Новости that the 39-year-old actress is expecting.

However,a rep for the actress did not respond to a request for comment—and Rachel has yet to confirm the news.

Журнал о знаменитостях Жизни & стиль takes the rumor one step further,reporting that the star is «heavily pregnant,» which might explain why she did not make an appearance at the Wednesday premiere for her upcoming movie, Игра Ночь .

She has stayed out of the paparazzi’s eye since September,although she was snapped in the Toronto airport wearing a (weather-appropriate) «baggy jacket,» in E!’s words.

Жизни & стиль adds that an «eye witness» saw Rachel and her partner,37-year-old screenwriter Jamie Linden,having dinner at Staplehouse in Atlanta,Georgia,last week and judged Rachel to be «at least seven months pregnant.»

Rachel likes to keep her personal life under wraps,according to E!,but has been linked to Jamie since the summer of 2016,when someone saw them holding hands and connected the dots.

Rachel has previously dated Ryan Gosling,her co-star in Ноутбук ,and Michael Sheen,while Jamie’s last high-profile relationship was with actress Zooey Deschanel, Е! отчеты .Джейми написал сценарии Дорогой Джон , 10 лет , Деньги Монстра ,and Мы Маршалл .

In interviews,Rachel has expressed an interest in eventual motherhood: In 2015,she told Мари Клэр that she’d like to start a family one day,and she told Люди в 2009 году,что «несколько [детей] было бы здорово» в какой-то момент.

Нет времени, как настоящее?

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